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ARtCH Attack! (unofficial official palette, wallpaper of the week)

Approaching autumn, the Aicher palette (you know it because Apple blatantly stole it and yes: he worked for Braun in the 70ies, too) that I kept over spring and what was supposed to be summer started to look a bit too fresh and springtime.
Rotating back to slightly less saturated colors, I went back to the archlinux blue and figured that this time I'd follow a bit more structured approach to building a palette around it and, since two brains are better than none - as the great modern philosopher catdog more or less put it, also could turn this into a community effort. Or share it with the leechers.

Still here? Great. You're not easily bored, are you?

Another sad state is that of Arch artwork - in particular the wallpapers (because that's next to the palette pretty much the only distro artwork you'll commonly find)
There's certainly a great deal of cool stuff out there, but unlike point release distros, which push a fresh background look onto their users desktops with every release, a rolling release distro cannot update the look with every point release because there are no point releases.
Yes, there … wallpaper/ and xyproto even ran a contest to update it last year… after about a decade or so.

Irregular, low frequent products don't tend to track a lot of attraction and so there's a good chance that relatively few people have even noticed the package update and even more effort is lost unconsidered in random forum threads, on deviantart pages and reddit.

So…   if arch updates my kernel every week and bing users can have a (poor resolution) wallpaper every day, arch could maybe have a wallpaper of the week.
This will allow contributors to show off more often and likely and users to hit more on-brand stuff they like and xyproto to skim together the next archlinux-wallpaper update ;-)

You're still reading this? Impressive, though maybe you should talk to a psychologist about your attention problem?

Either way, for this week and testing purposes I submitted the only contender and declared myself winner, but the idea is of course to get a variety of contributors and styles and now that you made it all the way down here: - you'll find the palette and a link to the wallpaper of the week and some comments on stuff. For now…


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