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#1 2021-09-22 07:24:41

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Firefox can't play MPEG-4 videos


I have problem with MPEG-4 videos.
Using test page
MPEG-4 says  "no video was found in a supported format"

ffmpeg 2:4.4-4
x264 3:0.161.r3039.544c61f-1
firefox 92.0-2 

media.ffmpeg.enabled = true
media.gstreamer.enabled = true

I tried
- firefox --safe-mode
- firefox --ProfileManager

but still the same.
When I downloaded the video file to my disk, it plays flawless.

What am I missing?


#2 2021-09-22 07:54:24

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Re: Firefox can't play MPEG-4 videos

Doesn't work properly on chromium either. And this simply looks like the old xvid codec and I don't find any references that this would be supported in browsers/HTML5.

Outside of this test page, do you have any real word issue by the lack of this? I doubt it.

Note that mpeg-4 != mpeg-4 (or rather mpeg-4 isn't a codec but a standard describing how a conforming codec should behave and/or a container format that binds different video/audio/subtitle streams together, every single video on a page is a "MPEG-4" container) and the codec in question is an older implementation of the standard. You mostly see the newer H264 or newer in the real world. Both are mpeg-4 (part 2 and part 10 respectively)

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#3 2021-09-23 06:01:09

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Re: Firefox can't play MPEG-4 videos

Thanks for the answer.
Actually test page was run by me, to be 100% sure.
I have MPEG-4 video to watch because of my work.
My second desktop with Ubuntu and same Firefox version on the board does not have an issue with these videos.


#4 2021-09-23 07:20:34

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Re: Firefox can't play MPEG-4 videos

This isn't "mpeg4", it's  xvid (the super-dated MPEG-4 ASP codec) in an avi container - which is typically not supported by html5 implementations.
Since your "test" page is actually jquery <lotsofswearinghere> did you check that the generated result is actually the same across browsers and doesn't utilize other html tags on the ubuntu system?


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