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Nordvpn-bin Package Has Limited Connectivity and Multiple Addresses

Hello, since 3+ months ago the nordvpn-bin AUR package has stopped working properly. I was hoping that it would have been fixed so I didnt have to bother anyone but it still persists. Ive had this problem first on Manjaro, and now vanilla Arch, so I know it wasnt just the distro I was using.

Every single time I log into nordvpn a message pops up on my screen saying "Limited connectivity" and then puts a small yellow triangle on my connection icon. It never did this before so I know something is wrong with the program. Then when I go to and test my connection I get multiple servers for my connection, up to 5. I do the same thing with and also get multiple servers.

The program is only supposed to show one ip address and one dns address, and definitely shouldnt be saying limited connectivity on my connection. Would anyone be able to help fix this?

Thank you. (:


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