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#1 2021-09-30 20:46:28

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[SOLVED] Parallel Download - download speed stuck at initial speed


I currently have four https mirrors from my country in the mirror list. I tried to switch them around already, which did'nt change anything.
I currently use

ParallelDownloads = 6

The issue:
After starting to update, the later packages start at some ~500KB/s because the earlier packages, still downloading in the list, use all my available internet connection (12.5MB/s down). After the earlier downloads finish, the package which started at 500KB/s will still download with that speed and doesn't ramp up - even though all other packages are downloaded.

Does anyone else have this "problem"?
Is this a mirror issue?


Edit: After writing this post I thought about my vpn and will try if this persist when not downloading over vpn with the next update cycle...

Edit 2: Nevermind it is in fact the vpn that causes this problem... closed

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#2 2021-10-01 02:09:58

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Re: [SOLVED] Parallel Download - download speed stuck at initial speed

I do not see this behaviour.


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