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SDDM login Plasma returns me back to SDDM - both Xorg and Wayland

Hey all,

Cross-posted from /r/archlinux - So I switched my GPD Win from Gnome to Plasma, removing GDM and replacing it with SDDM. I've ran Plasma on this device before with no trouble, and GDM/Gnome was working too.

But now, when I login to Plasma via SDDM, the screen goes black with a cursor, and then returns me back to SDDM. I've tested another desktop from SDDM (Enlightenment, it's what I had installed already) and this works just fine, both with Xorg and Wayland. I can launch Plasma from a TTY using the command: XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland dbus-run-session startplasma-wayland although launching as a Xorg session doesn't seem to work via startx (It just hangs on a black screen/cursor).

Checking my journal there's a lot of encfs-related errors - I have some encfs folders on an SD card plugged in that mount to the various folders in /home. Strangely despite these errors, these files do actually seem to mount (Can either check this by SSH'ing in and checking, or just using a TTY).

Tried a stock, -zen and -lts kernel all with the same effect, have checked my pacnew's in /etc/pam.d/ as I understand there was an update semi-recently that caused symptoms like this but they're all nice and clean. I have also tried simply removing the lines from system-login to make sure this isn't a thing that happens too but it didn't seem to affect anything so I put it back.

Just seems weird that SDDM works, and Plasma works, but the two together don't!

Any advice? I'll dump a journalctl -b - this is WITH pam_mount installed and enabled. Another journalctl -b output can be found here: which is WITHOUT pam_mount installed/enabled. Thanks!

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