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From: Saarbrücken
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Create and use image thumbnails using KDE/dolphin/gwenview


I needed to manage a bigger set of image files (JPEG) and sort them into various folders. The thing is that each time, I reload the folder in dolphin, the complete previews of the images are rebuilt which can cause quite some delay in the process.

Just to get this information here: I am using KDE/Plasma as my desktop environment. I am using dolphin as a file manager.

I thought, that the thumbnails were used but they were taking too much time to get or whatever. This does not matter, I finally checked in ~/.cache/thumbails and the corresponding files are not there. So, it seems that dolphin is not saving the cached thumbnails.

I searched a bit in the net and found the specs of the thumbnails. In fact, I found that there is the option to use a shared repository ( … tml#SHARED). This would be perfect, as the JPEG files are synced over nextcloud so this would sync the thumbnails as well.

Digging a bit deeper I found this program. With that I was able to build for a small test folder (only 3 images for sake of testing) the thumbnails in ~/.cache/thumbnails. I installed a inotify watcher to see if these files are used by any application. When navigating to the folder, I saw no access to the relevant thumbnails. Also the shared thumbnails are not used if present.

Has anyone had issues with the thumbnails (and the speed) as well? Is this an issue with my plasma/KDE settings or is there a package missing?

Thank you very much!


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