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Sudo password reseting everytime the system goes on idle

So me and my friend just finished installing arch on his laptop and we chose the KDE Plasma desktop environment with SDDM as his Display Manager, everything works fine, it can run games, it can edit documents, his workflow has not changed at all from what he used before, there is just one small problem, everytime 5 minutes passes without the computer being used, the sddm locks the screen, standard behaviour, no problems, but when we type our password and get back into the desktop, sudo commands stop working, it keeps saying the password is wrong over and over again even though it is the exact same we used to log in and used in various sudo commands before this happened, the solution is to reboot the machine and it comes back to normal, we managed to get into root using the "su" command and changed the user password to "123456", after typing in a sudo command and giving it 123456 it still showed the wrong password message, I've been using arch myself for well over 2 and a half years and have never seen this in my life and could't find a solution or similar case online either, that's why I'm making the post, any ideas to solve this?

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Re: Sudo password reseting everytime the system goes on idle … n_attempts
System journal? (Run "journalctl -b" as root after this happens)


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