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[Aya Neo] Arch very slow after resume from sleep [Resolved]

Hello everybody.

I've been trying to get Arch up and running on my Aya Neo (AMD 4500u powered, handheld gaming device) and i'm having serious issues with the sleep resume cycle.

Everything works until I put the device to sleep and then on resume the networking goes down, the terminal commands take 20x the time to execute and return and application launch takes the same amount of time. A hard reboot is required to get the system back to stability.

The system details are:

Linux ayaneo 5.14.7-arch1-1-pds #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun, 10 Oct 2021 13:34:56 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Here is the results of a dmesg before suspend 

And here is the same output directly after resume from sleep

You can also find the  recent journalctl logs here

I'm hellbent on getting this working as the Neo will make both a great little Linux machine and a wonderful proto-steamdeck. Everything else works basically flawlessly (gaming performance is top notch through proton as well), this is the last major hurdle before performance tuning.

Anyone any ideas whats going on?


- The networking chipset is an AMD rebadged version of the Mediatek mt7921e the driver for which I believe is whats crashing and causing a cascade.
- This behaviour exists on zen and mainline kernels too.
- I've moved to using linux-firmware-git from AUR but no improvements

sudo rdmsr -a 0x19a


rdmsr: CPU 0 cannot read MSR 0x0000019a

but i've a feeling thats down to this being an AMD rather than an intel machine.
- The Neo is basically just a 4500u powered Laptop -a keyboard and +a basic xinput device self reporting as a xbox 360 controller.
- Creating a systemd service to restart the networking after as part of the sleep resume hook doesnt work, it might be because the driver has properly crashed.

Thanks for your time!

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Re: [Aya Neo] Arch very slow after resume from sleep [Resolved]

You may be interested in this arch bug report in which a laptop with very similar specs is also mentioned. The issue is from a while ago, though and should already be fixed...


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Re: [Aya Neo] Arch very slow after resume from sleep [Resolved]

Turns out the networking driver was doing a hard crash on suspend and was locking up the system trying to bring it back up on resume. I've gotten a sleep script in place that unloads the driver cleanly pre suspend and reloads it post. Does the trick!


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