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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

It's so heartwarming to start the computer and be greeted with an Welcome to Arch Linux smile

Behemoth, wake up!


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

I started on Ubuntu, broke my BIOS (user error), then moved to manjaro and have used it on my galago laptop for just under three years as my daily driver for work ans private stuff, and a few weeks ago I installed Arch on my desktop several times in a row just to practice. Then I bought an old ThinkPad T430 and installed Arch with Qtile on it, and I say from the bottom of my heart: Arch Linux is the best.
Best wiki, best distro, awesome community. And I've learned so much about GNU/Linux thanks to Arch. So I'm buying swag from places that send money back to Arch, but this message is just to express my gratitude to the Devs, the donors, the maintainers, the AUR contributors, the wiki contributors, the open source community, and you, the reader. Thank you kindly, I think Arch Linux is fantastic!


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

I have tried a lot of linux distributions and a lot of GUIs. Here is the list, in the order I tried (and mostly installed) them:

Linux Mint (Cinnamon)
Ubuntu (GNOME)
Damn Small Linux (don't try this)(Fluxbox + JWM)
Arch Linux (Enlightenment, then Sway)
openSUSE Leap (Plasma)
openSUSE Tumbleweed (Plasma)
Pardus (XFCE)
Gentoo (Sway)
Fedora Spins (LXQT)
Fedora Workstation (GNOME)
Fedora Rawhide (with MATE)
Haiku (this is not linux by the way)
EndeavourOS (XFCE)

This taught me three things:
1. I can't bear GNOME Shell big_smile
2. I can't bear waiting for a new stable release for software updates
3. Linux distributions are all the same.

A linux distribution is linux + init system + shell + package manager + software repostiory. All linux distros use the linux kernel, most use systemd, almost all use bash.

Package managers are different, and I got a taste of most from the perspective of a user. apt(Linux Mint, Ubuntu) is complex, probably because it is designed for managing different os releases. But it works. Zypper (openSUSE) is insane, processes begin to die when zypper is installing if there is a large update, starting from the web browser and ending with the terminal emulator (which kills zypper) or the DE! (which kills the terminal emulator and ...) This I guess has something to do with disk I/O but having a hard disk means dead processes? dnf (Fedora) is slow, why is the package database is large as the package firefox?! Gentoo's heart is broken, I can't get the idea of compiling eeeeeeverything... Pacman does its job nicely and easy to use.

And the software repostiories. Whatever you install, you get access to somewhat same software. What you can find in a distro is also available in another. This is why I think all linux distributions are the same. The DEs are an exception, you are limited to the preinstalled one.

Most distributions install and configure some software, which usually includes a GUI, a file manager(native file manager of the GUI), a web browser(mostly Firefox), an office suite(mostly LibreOffice) and some branded backgrounds big_smile and more and more. The user installs the distribution and in most cases he/she begins "debloating" and in some cases "fighting with the OS".
Arch Linux does not do that. Arch Linux gives a barebones system which no one would want to alter, a fabulous package manager and the invaluable ArchWiki. Any user who has determination and time can install and configure Arch Linux by himself/herself. While doing that, the person would learn about the internals about linux. In the end, the result is what they have crafted, from bottom to top. In other words their own perfect system. Arch Linux lets you build your own system without getting on your way but insted assisting you with the ArchWiki. It gives access to a lot of software when AUR is included, furthermore all of the DEs and WMs are available. This was the case for me, before coming to Arch Linux from Mint, I didn't know anything. I was using the terminal mainly for

sudo <some graphical app>(don't do that)

Now I am here with Arch Linux as my daily driver, my system configured acccording to my needs, and occasionally helping others in the forums.
Arch Linux is "practically" the best because you configure it. Also, it doesn't get on your way unlike other do-it-yourself distributions like Gentoo (you compile everything) or LFS (you do literally everything).


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Just a quick comment ... As picayune as this is ... I love the fact during install, that pacstrap sorts download by size. It's a welcome and informative change to the install. Thank you :-)


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