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"Laptop/Lenovo" wiki additions for Lenovo Legion 5 series

New here, would like to contribute some information about support and features for one of the Lenovo Legion 5 series laptops, but do not want to edit in misinformation
target article is

1) The "thinkpad conservation mode" section is also applicable to my Lenovo Legion 5 (2020) 15IMH05 (nvidia1650, i5-10300H, 60Wh)
have NOT tested on any other laptop of the 5 series/Legion range. If it is supported and safe on the majority of Legion laptops I think just a reference (to … ad_laptops )in the table where the model is named would be super helpful.How is this information sourced?
( Writing to the fn_lock and usb_charging "files" also confirmed working on my model. )

2) Additions to the "Lenovo Legion 5" row in the model table:
information related to confirmed working of SMART data, ssd-TRIM, webcam, etc that are not entered now.
information related to body heating up issue when on arch linux(distribution is irrelevant)
Info mentioned in this point that I want to add can also be seen in … 8130bd56e2

Important to note that the Legion 5 series is a yearly release, so this information for the 2020 model may be made obsolete.

Please move to newbie corner if necessary


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Re: "Laptop/Lenovo" wiki additions for Lenovo Legion 5 series

You are free to just contribute to the wiki. If it is a bigger change, you are very welcome to use the discussion page first, see, but in this case you would create a new page, so no discussion is necessary first.

Please make sure to follow the laptop page guidelines because there are many horrible laptop pages in the wiki and this count should not increase. … guidelines
Since the table would grow bigger and bigger until it is unreadable, create an own page for the laptop. You can even add lots of other useful information this way, too!

Regarding the conservation mode: I think you could just create the section power management and mention this there and link to the section in the lenovo page (e.g "Thinkpad conservation mode is supported. See [link]"). Managing laptop information is still a work in progress, but if this applies to most the legion laptops, it should be mentioned in the legion section in the general lenovo laptop vendor page.


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