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#1 2021-11-07 19:11:58

Ridwan Rawriet
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[SOLVED] Context Menus in Firefox are disappearing under bare X

I'm doing a setup only to run firefox under bare X using Arch, no WM or anything. Using the command bellow, I'm able to launch firefox full screen, everything is as expected.

xinit /bin/firefox -height 720 -width 1280

The only problem is that all the context menus including right-click close as soon as I open them, just showing a glimpse of the options. What to do about this tiny issue?

I've installed all xorg, xorg-xinit xterm and drivers.

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#2 2021-11-07 20:33:39

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Re: [SOLVED] Context Menus in Firefox are disappearing under bare X

I could imagine that FF closes popups if the window becomes inactive.
W/o the _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW protocol, it'll probably rely on the input focus - which will shift to the popup…

In that case you'd need at least some minimal NETWM compliant WM to work around that.

You ***might*** get away w/ xprop:

xprop -root -f _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW 32c -set _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW 0x1234567489

1. replace 0x1234567489 w/ the actual FF window ID
2. The canonnical format of _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW is the WINDOW atom, but idk. how to make xprop write that. You may get away w/ a cardinal, but if FF is a stickler about the format, this will fail.


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