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How to debug bluetooth blocked at start-up?

Sometime in the last few months (I've only just got around to looking into this properly), my MX Master bluetooth mouse has issues at start-up with my HP ZBook G3 15".

I have the mouse paired properly. Prior to some system upgrade, I had it all working - the mouse would work pretty much as soon as Xorg was started.

Since that upgrade, I now have to run the following to enable the mouse after a cold boot:

sudo rfkill block bluetooth
sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

If I don't block it first, and just try to unblock, it doesn't work.

According to `rfkill list`, it's not shown as soft nor hard blocked at start-up. But if I do 'rfkill block" it does show as soft-blocked until I unblock it, so that function is working.

I just discovered today that if I press the hardware "airplane mode" button twice, at the top of my laptop keyboard, it comes back to life also.

Is anyone with some bluetooth experience able to point me in the right direction for solving this? I'm able to investigate and find the solution myself, eventually, but I'm unfamiliar with Bluetooth in Linux and not really sure where to start looking. My searches suggest I could change some options on the bluetooth driver module but I'm not really sure where to start with that.

I'm 100% sure it's a software issue - like I said, it was working just fine before an earlier update, and on a prior Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 install also.

EDIT: I wondered if the airplane mode button was being set to "on" by the BIOS at boot time, but I don't think it is, because `rfkill list` doesn't show it as soft-blocked immediately after boot, and I have to press the physical button twice to unblock Bluetooth, suggesting that it isn't actually engaged at boot.

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