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Kernel Mode Setting in a QEMU guest

I'm currently setting up an Arch Linux guest in a VM, and going for a Wayland compositor for a window manager (Hikari, specifically).

I've got things mostly working, but the spot I'm stuck on is that Hikari currently only uses the native resolution it gets from the kernel, and the kernel thinks it only has a fairly small resolution available due to being in a VM and the VM not giving reasonable EDID information. I tried following the section here for forcing a decent resolution, but the built-in resolutions don't seem to do anything when set, and I don't know where I can get an EDID file that might work, given I'm in a VM.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

EDIT: Using QXL for video on the guest.

EDIT2: I fed the kernel video=1680x1050-32 to get it to start at a good resolution. The console does startup at that resolution, but Hikari drops back to 800x600 because it only uses what the kernel reports as the native resolution, and apparently the kernel thinks the VM's native resolution is 800x600, which is why it was starting up like that before I forced it. Is there a way to tell the kernel what my native resolution is?

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