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Installing on librem 13 v4 with pureboot + seabios

I'm having trouble installing on this machine. I have experience installing on many other machines. The problem is I don't know how to launch the live installer boot loader. Seabios will detect the grub config on my live usb and attempt to parse it into kexec commands. This works with other live environments (PureOS) but not with Arch. I have parsed my own kexec command and was able to get the kernel booted but then I can't mount the boot drive. I cannot find information on chainbooting from seabios. Does anyone have any other information or advise?


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Re: Installing on librem 13 v4 with pureboot + seabios

So to add a little more exact error messages. I omitted them above as they don't seem very useful but maybe you guys have the eye.

I get this trying to boot to the usb from seabios with automatic parsing

Failed to find file /arch/boot/intel-ucode.img/,/arch/boot/amd-ucode.img,/arch/boot/x86_64/initramfs-linux.img
!!! Failed to boot w/ options: Arch Linux install medium (x86_64, BIOS)|elf|kernel /arch/boot/x86_64/vmlinuz-linux|initrd /arch/boot/intel-ucode.img,/arch/boot/x86_64/initramfs-linux.img|append archisobasedfir=arch archisolabel=ARCH_202111
!!! Something failed during USB boot
New value of PCR[4]: [long hex number]
!!! Starting recovery shell

From seabois I can mount the usb. Then use this command to boot arch kernel. But then im stuck at mounting the boot partition.

kexec -l /media/arch/boot/x86_64/vmlinuz-linux --initrd=/media/arch/boot/x86_64/initramfs-linux.img --reuse-cmdline
kexec -e has a section about a separate boot partition however this seems to apply to configuring a running arch system im not sure how to apply it to an uninstalled live usb.

With this the kernel starts and loads normally until,

ERROR: `/dev/disk/by-label/' device did not show up after 30 seconds
   Falling back to interactive prompt
   You can try to fix the problem manually, log out when you are finished
sh: cant access tty; job control turned off
[rootfs ]#

My efforts are focusing on both figure out how to mount the boot partition and/or figure out how to chain load grub.

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