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#1 2021-12-22 20:17:44

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New Arch Wiki appearance

To summarize why and how it all happened:

What is that new theme?
It's something MediaWiki considers a improvement. Read … provements for all the details.

So what can be done now?
If you don't like it, log in, go to … -rendering and check "Use Legacy Vector". Alternatively manually append ?useskinversion=1 to all wiki URLs you visit.

Will it be changed back?
No! The new theme stays. If you have issues with it, complain to upstream:

Can the sidebar be made visible by default?
Yes. For logged in users it remembers the last position. For logged out users it's controlled with the $wgVectorDefaultSidebarVisibleForAnonymousUser option which is false by default. To enable it, someone needs to submit a pull request to change ArchWiki's LocalSettings.php.

P.S. For existing wiki users, the theme is not changed.

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Re: New Arch Wiki appearance

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