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[fixed] fsck on root partition fails after moving SSD to another PC

I want to replace my Lenovo T540p with a Lenovo P50. I have a 1TB SSD with Arch and Windows 10 dual boot. The partitions are as follows:
- 1: ESP
- 2: Arch root
- 3: Linux /home
- 4-6: Windows 10 whatever
- 7: Linux swap

The ESP is set up with systemd-boot and boots Arch when there's no user interaction.

I just moved the SSD to the P50 without doing anything else. When I choose to boot Windows it works, but booting Arch fails with an fsck error (see link below). On both machines CSM is disabled and UEFI only is active.

As /home is on a separate partition and I have a recent backup, I could easily reinstall, but I want to avoid that nevertheless.

What can I do?


Currently there are 2 SSDs in the P50. And I had /dev/sda2 in arch-uefi.conf file, but the SSD now is /dev/sdb. I changed it to
options   root=UUID=7523d7df-43c5-4ee4-bb08-140b4093fd63 rw
and it worked.

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