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Re: FVWM3 Arch Linux myExt respin CD

Thanks rasat;-), actually I don't use Fvwm and use a tiller I3WM for my daily env, I just build an ISO with Fvwm which makes it a little more hassle to create all (edited) files & configs & scripts! needed for the ISO which are created on the ISO!
I already read a lot of wiki, forum and github about Fvwm and already came across NsCDE (& others), just haven't tried one of them, yet, only your spin. If I have some spare time I will try NsCDE combo, thanks:-)

Also, sorry my scripts, weren't perfect. It's true I should learn more awk and I should use Trilby's example of that script, I have a few more of that kind of script, if I just find the time...


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