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Can't change resolution KDE plasma v5.20+ in VM (Virt-Manager)

Hey fellow Linux users,
I'm having issues in changing my screen resolution, from the default resolution the Virtual machine boots with. I tested it with both Debian 11 and on arch with everything up to date.
Idk if this post should come here, since i cant figure out if its the recent version of plasma or the QXL video model.

So, I'm using Virt-manager for managing and creating VMs.
Tried on both bios and UEFI OVMF.
I'm using QXL as it gives me good performance, but this is where i cant change my resolution, i installed the xf86 QXL driver in the guest machine but sddm chooses to not come up.
When i use other ones like Virtio, i get bad screen tearing, it has a lot of delay, but i can change my resolution without any problem.

My other VM which has debian 10 on it with Plasma v5.14.5, and it has no issues changing resolution in QXL mode.
Please help me out with this,
Thanks before,
I'm ready to provide any more information if required :)


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