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veracrypt-trans PKGBUILD Fixed and Working by me! :-)

Hi guys, i've looked into the package veracrypt-trans and i've noted that is bugged asf, for this reason i've decided to build myself an updated and working PKGBUILD with VeraCrypt + The Language Pack of your Country.

# VeraCryp 1.25.7 PKGBUILD fixed by denizdifiesso aka Denis Sossich



pkgdesc="Translated version of VeraCrypt, a Software for Data Security, Privacy and Anti-Forensics measures."


depends=('device-mapper' 'libsm' 'fuse2' 'wxgtk3' 'coreutils' 'git' 'libxml2' 'yasm' 'sudo')

optdepends=('shred: File Shredder Military Grade'
        'secure-delete: Secure file, disk, swap, memory erasure utilities.'
        'bleachbit: CCleaner Alternative for Linux')

conflicts=('veracrypt' 'veracrypt-hook-nonroot' 'veracrypt-hook' 'veracrypt-git-no-gost')


build() {
  git clone
  curl -O " …"
  mv VeraCrypt/

package() {
  sudo bash VeraCrypt/ && cd VeraCrypt/src/ && make -j400 && sudo make install

  echo "Installation finished!"

It's a beta version, if anyone have some suggestion about beautify the PKGBUILD please reply to my thread and i'm happy to collaborate with it. smile


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Re: veracrypt-trans PKGBUILD Fixed and Working by me! :-)

Please use [ code ] rather than [ quote ] for outputs

That PKGBUILD basically goes against every principle of a proper PKGBUILD. There's no need for sudo, and you need to install things into the appropriate $pkgdir rather than system wide out right, you PKGBUILD manipulates the system outside of the packaging system and creates an empty package. You "think" you did it correctly because the files are at the "correct" location but if you were to upload this package it would not contain any files.

You abuse the install section for preparation, building and installing all in one go while ignoring that the amount of jobs is something the user would configure.

I strongly suggest you read and modify the PKGBUILD accordingly

It's also stating a version but does not actually install that version but grabs a git commit, which would make this a VCS package

There's also no need for the manual git clone or the manual curl, (in general you should read more of that page as well)

Moving to AUR issues

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