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#1 2022-02-11 09:19:14

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Donation Options

I want to donate to arch. However, the existing options both take high fees (SPI: Transaction fees via PayPal, Click&Pledge: 2.75% platform + 2,5 % credit card fee ) and I don't want to finance PayPal.
What about adding Liberapay as a non-profit donations platform? They don't take any monthly fees, just pass on the payment process fees. For instance, Europeans can use SEPA transactions (without any fees).

What do you think about it?
Edit: Liberapay uses Stripe & PayPal under the hood.

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#2 2022-02-16 03:11:18

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Re: Donation Options

Hello !
Same problem here we don't have much options. On my end I am waiting for crypto donation. Not everyone has access to banking the same way depending on where you live...

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