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TickleToshiba - An evil daemon to keep drowsy hard drives alive

Short excerpt from the home page

$ tickle-toshiba --help
This is TickleToshiba version 0.8 - Feb 2022

Usage: tickle-toshiba <seconds> <mount-point-to-tickle>
       tickle-toshiba --stop <mount-point-to-tickle>
       tickle-toshiba [--license] [--help|-h|-?]

Task : Once started I will 'tickle' the given mount-point as an evil daemon until it's gone
       or I'm called to stop tickling at a given mount-point
How? : I will write every <seconds> some data about my doing into a 'tickle-file',
       so write access is needed. Don't Panik! The file will not grow above a few byte
Hint : Of cause I not only work with blasted Toshiba drives

But because running a daemon manually becomes quickly annoying, there are also handy systemd
service files available.


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