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General discussion of unofficial Arch on Oculus quest 2 through termux

Hey all,

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not true Arch Linux as far as I am aware of. I considered placing this discussion on off topic because I'm not sure if it can be considered genuine gnu/linux (so mods feel free to move this, I was split on the matter) I just got done using this method:

A) sideload rar on the oculus quest 2 probaby through sidequest or adb 
B) Gleefully uninstall sidequest 
C) use oculus browser to download termux 
D) install termux by using rar ( rar should be under unknown source from app menu) 
E) use pkg to install proot & proot-distro (I had also done pkg upgrade, pkg install x11-repo root-repo, idk if this is required) 
F) proot-distro install archlinux.

So wanted to start a general discussion about using "Arch Linux" on oculus quest 2 either through emulation or otherwise. Generally for those who have messed around with arch or arch emulation on quest 2 do you have any advice? I am going to work on trying to get xorg going and get a desktop environment running (probably gnome and hopefully emac's EXWM). Also, anything you'd like me to try or if you'd like to just say something about arch on oculus quest 2 feel free to add your thoughts. This is made to simply be a open discussion because I think Arch or emulating/simulating Arch on VR is awesome.

My personal goal is to make this headset into a second computer for productivity rather than for gaming hence the "linux" install.

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