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Arch automatically suspends on low battery, freezes on waking up.

I am using archlinux with following configuration:

Laptop: Dell G3
Kernel: Linux Zen + Linux LTS (Issue appears on both kernels)

I have a bad battery with health of about only 15%. Battery level drops from 100% to 0% within few minutes and runs on 0% for around hour and half on windows. But on archlinux I cannot use my laptop at 0%. even though I have disabled the settings to hibernate on critical battery level, my laptop still suspends at 0% and freezes on waking up. I thought something was wrong with sleep, but normal sleep and wake up works just fine. Its only freezing when arch decides to sleep automatically. This problem is not exclusive to arch even linuxmint exhibits same behavior.

So here are my questions:

1. How do I disable system from going to sleep at 0% battery.
2. Why does it freeze on waking up from sleep on critical battery, but doesnt freeze when normally waking up. How do I prevent it?


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