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cant login when using docker with systemd-homed

I use systemd-homed to manage my home directory.  (btrfs subvolume)
I am also doing a little web development, with docker-compose.
my root directory is encrypted with luks - if that is important.

The docker-compose file, is from a 3rd party, proprietary - I cannot share.
I use the docker-compose file from within my home directory, and start is as root. `sudo docker-compose up`

when i start the docker containers, but forget to shut them down before re-booting, On the next boot, I am no-longer able to login.

Gnome login screen prompts for password - upon entering it, nothing happens, I am prompted again - no fail message.
from a tty - I am prompted for the password - upon entering, i am prompted again. No message about an incorrect password.
I am, however, able to login as root. The root directory is not managed by systemd-homed.

as root - i tried to switch to my user - `su - cds`
this gives me a "permission denied" on /home/cds. 

/home/cds is owned by root:root. 
/home/cds.homedir exists, and is owned by the correct user.

mount shows that nothing is mounted to /home/cds

/home/cds contains some log files, created by the docker-compose containers...
It looks like they wrote some logs after /home/cds was unmounted!

upon login - systemd-homed was unable to - or, refused to mount, because the directory was not empty.

I can login again, by deleting the files in /home/cds, and re-starting systemd-homed.

Is this a bug, or a miss-configuration on my part?
If a bug, is the bug with docker - or, systemd-homed?

Any advice?


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Re: cant login when using docker with systemd-homed

I'm facing the same issues. Did you finally find the solution?


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