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#1 2022-04-16 14:11:41

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Firefox audio controls have no effect

Just recently I've noticed this annoying (Firefox?) bug, with both Firefox and Firefox nightly:  sound plays and works as expected, but Firefox is unable to manage volume/mute by itself.

For example, if I play a video on youtube, changing the volume or muting it with the in-browser controls does nothing; it can only be changed via pavucontrol.  The more annoying issue is that it breaks the "don't allow pages to auto-play audio  setting.

Anyone else run into this, or have suggestions for how to debug?

firefox 99.0.1-1
firefox-nightly 101.0a1.20220416094814+h1d47c0b691ea-1
pipewire 1:0.3.50-1
pipewire-pulse 1:0.3.50-1
pipewire-media-session 1:0.4.1-1
pulseaudio-alsa 1:1.2.6-3

Edit:  turns out this isn't related to just Firefox; Spotify (flatpak) is also unable to mute or change the volume via in-app controls.  I see this in the user journal when attempting to change volume

Apr 16 10:15:06 argus pipewire-pulse[1481]: 0x5561083fb6e0: unknown control with id 65544

opened an [issue]( … ssues/2307) with pipewire.

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#2 2022-04-19 18:26:13

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Re: Firefox audio controls have no effect

I ran into the same issue with PMS.

I wonder why the folks over on their Gitlab closed the issue instead of investigating it... switching to another session manager is not really a solution for some people


#3 2022-05-07 01:21:18

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Re: Firefox audio controls have no effect

I was able to solve this with a
systemctl --user restart pipewire-pulse.service

I suspect this is caused by a change in some configuration file during an update.


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