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#1 2022-04-30 17:45:18

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mesa no longer building patent encumbered codecs

EDIT:  see

Mesa trunk has seen a change that disables building of vc1dec, h264 enc/dec and h265 enc/dec  by default due to legal worries. … 63e42c3600

from meson_options.txt :

  type : 'array',
  value : [],
  choices: [
    'vc1dec', 'h264dec', 'h264enc', 'h265dec', 'h265enc'
  description : 'List of patent encumbered codecs to build support for. Distros might want to consult their legal department before enabling these. This is used for all video APIs (vaapi, vdpau, vulkan). Non-patent encumbered codecs will be enabled by default.'

I live in europe and those patents are unlikely to be valid here, but they are valid in USA .

Should distros worry ?

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Re: mesa no longer building patent encumbered codecs

Considering the "patent encumbered codecs" have worked for years without complaints, why would anyone have to consult a "legal department"?

Anyway, few developers will see this thread. I suggest to open a bug report so that future releases of the Arch package enable the respective compile options.

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Re: mesa no longer building patent encumbered codecs

This just adds an extra option for those that want an easy way to disable those codecs. Seeing as how this has never been a problem for Arch before I don't expect that it will be used. … deo-Codecs

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