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Current Python 2 to Python 3 conversion state in Arch packages

Hi, I've been looking at the Python 2 removal process from official repositories and here's my little status update to these Todo Lists: … -python-3/ … m-package/

'mailman' - won't be ported to Py3, 'mailman3' is the alternative.
'geda-gaf' - Py3 is very low priority for dev and the whole project homepage seems to be unreachable for most times.
'ghidra' - depends on Jython which is not compatible with Py3. Jython 3 is in the works, but it could take awhile as it seems (see … /issues/23 ).
'amdvlk' - Py3 is already supported, just a new package build is needed.
'dia' - claims to be Py3 compatible (see ), although it would require new release which seems to be taking awhile.
'electron11', 'electron12', 'electron13' - depend on nodejs v14.16, and Py3 build compatibility was added in v14.17 (electron14 and up) (see ). Packages built upon these: 'atom', 'react-native-debugger', 'cozy-desktop', 'caprine', 'keybase-gui', 'wire-desktop'.
'netpbm' - Py3 compatibility could be achieved (see and ) if the package source would switch from "super stable" to "advanced" branch like other distros did.
'skia-sharp' - Py3 support was added, only needs new release (see ).
'playonlinux' - Py3 support was added in v4.4 (see … ).
'renpy' - Py3 compatible version is in the works (see ) and may be released soon-ish.
'displaycal' - new package build of fork supporting Py3 is in testing. Project name may change in the future? (see ).
'seamonkey' - needs new Mozilla build files, ETA unknown (see ).

Most probably dead projects?:
'percol' - v0.2.1 was released on Jul 30, 2015, last commit to the repo on Jul 23, 2019. No full Py3 porting (see ).
'swift' - Py3 support was added (see … 824df51c81 ), however no new version beyond v4.0.3 was ever released. Last commit to the repo on Jan 9, 2020.

If I didn't omit anything, these packages should be the last ones using Python 2, so the time to finally part with it is near.


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