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HDMI / DP audio when using intel-virtual-output


I've just installed arch on my MIS GS65, which has hdmi and display port connected to the nvidia gpu.
The default installation, which I think uses nouveau, worked well out of the box with everything but the performance on the external monitor was abysmal, so I followed the wiki's procedure to install bumblebee and switch to the nvidia drivers.

Now when I run `intel-virtual-output -b` the external monitor currently connected to DP1 turns on, and works really well without the horrible framiness I had on nouveau.
But sadly, it doesn't show up as an audio output.

Is there any way to get that working, any way to have pulseaudio detect the monitor ?
xrandr doesn't see DP1 as connected and instead sees a virtual device, and I'm guessing pulseaudio probably needs DP1 directly but hopefully there's some workaround.



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