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[SOLVED] The process of removing or merging packages in aur

There are two packages in aur that I maintain bareos and bareos-traymonitor that have been created before me.
The bareos-traymonitor package is included with bareos and must be built from its PKGBUILD.
But when I run git push in bareos I get an error. I found only a request for deletion or merging in the web interface and no more information. How does aur remove or merge packages?

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Re: [SOLVED] The process of removing or merging packages in aur

When you invoke one of these actions a relevant request is posted to the AUR Requests Mailing List where the TUs will relevantly reject or grant requests.

in this case: … 70916.html and … 70915.html a reply/discussion on these will be posted depending on the relevant decisions.

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Re: [SOLVED] The process of removing or merging packages in aur

Maybe this is issues in AUR.. in other time.. i  post a message about this.. about ..tar package and clamav signature ..
it's a wildfire thing, today late, afternoon.. i see your link V1del..

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