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#1 2022-05-10 22:02:56

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qemu-base installs wayland

Seems like qemu-headless has been replaced by qemu-base. The annoying part about this is that qemu-base wants to install wayland and all kinds of desktop packages such as "hicolor-icon-theme", which really doesn't belong on a headless server. Is there any recommended way to avoid this?


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Inspector Parrot
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Re: qemu-base installs wayland

It depends on wayland only via a mesa and qemu-ui-opengl (and a few other steps), it doesn't depend on wayland itself.  Though something does really seem of about the qemu-base package which is meant to replicate the former "headless" requiring "qemu-ui-*": a headless package should not require ui-specific packages.

I'm not generally one to support such conclusions, but it really looks like something may have gone wrong in packaging qemu-base or in writing the description for the arch news item as the current qemu-base is most definitely not for a "headless" setup.

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