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Weird USB 3.0 troubles

I'm using Archlinux with Kernel 5.17.5-arch1-1 in my Lenovo T430. I have an issue with my USB 3.0 Ports.

The Problem is:

When I turn on my PC I can't use my 3.0 ports till I put a device in a USB 2.0 Port. This is weird, when I put a device in a USB 2.0 Port, automatically all the USB 3.0 starts to work perfectly, I was looking on lsusb and nothings appears, it's like these ports doesn't exist. Everything going well in my journalctl with no issues. What could be happening ? Thanks for reading


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Re: Weird USB 3.0 troubles

I would look for clues in the journal at the time when you plug a device into the USB 2.0 port.

Is this new behavior with 5.17.5?  Or has it always been this way with other kernels?

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