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Installing Python/Libre Office

Hello everyone,
I have been reading these forums for a while as I plod along building an Arch system.  I emigrated from Windows about 2 years ago and arrived at Arch via Ubuntu and many other distros. 
So I did shortcut and use the installer, I confess, and I've been building on this.  I did almost complete an Arch build from scratch about 6 months ago but work stopped me and I worked on other Linux things that I could do. 

In my Arch build I have had some great advances (for me at least - a beginner).  I now have my wifi selectable via applet in my xfce panel, I worked out how to access my windows samba shares by configuring Thunar (I have been trying to work this out for ages - got it!).  Plus installed my bespoke array of apps.  I also stole the Deepin wallpapers (now my xfce desktop) from one of my other failed installs as I worked out how to use the installer!  Small I am sure compared to Arch veterans, but bear with me.  Now I get why people rave about Arch Linux.  But I'm stuck on a couple of things so here I am.

I want to get Mullvad up and running and don't understand how to build things yet which I think is what the mullvad-vpn AUR path is.  I couldn't find any other guides so I decided to use a gui from github and extracted the github gz file  ( to get these files             screenshots     setup.cfg    systemd        VERSION
LICENSE                 qomui                resources                   scripts     

So before I can do anything with this I'm figuring I need python to run the above?

So I download python, the latest which is 3.10.4.  I have the folder output below.  Bottom line is that don't know how to proceed from here.  I have found some things on the net but nothing that convinces me that its correct and I don't want to download crap or bugger up this system because its currently humming along.  So I'm asking here to see if this is where I can get a hand, or pointer from.  Obviously I need something from the files below, but I know not what.  As I type this I feel that I should have been able to find the answer on the net, but I couldn't.  True. 

I'm more than happy with pointers to information that I can digest.  I'm not afraid to beaver away and work for my solutions.       

                                                       Doc           Mac                     Parser         README.rst  Grammar    PC      
config.guess                            Include        Misc                    PCbuild        Tools
config.sub                                install-sh     Modules              Programs
configure                                  Lib         netlify.toml                                   LICENSE     Objects             Python

The other thing that I can't get clear information about is how to install LibreOffice.  I have found this: … ce-on-arch

Its not dated so I didn't want to wade into it.  Can someone cast an eye over it?  Or point me somewhere?  I am aware of the danger of cut/pasting stuff off the internet so here I am asking. 

If I have overstepped with requests to check out a site out or or other I apologize.  One can but ask.

Thanks so much in advance if some enlighteners grace me with a light down the path.


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Re: Installing Python/Libre Office

hulagirl wrote:

Bottom line is that don't know how to proceed from here.

You must write a PKGBUILD and build it using makepkg. Since that’s a Python package, you may find the Python PKGBUILD guide helpful. A person identifying as micwoj92 has already posted a qomui PKGBUILD of their own in AUR, so you may use it as an example.

hulagirl wrote:

The other thing that I can't get clear information about is how to install LibreOffice.

sudo pacman -S libreoffice-still

How to install LibreOffice on Arch Linux is described in the wiki, along with all other supplementary information.

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Re: Installing Python/Libre Office

Let's back up a bit.   Let's start with Python.  It looks like you downloaded the source for Python; trust me, that is not what you want to do.   What is the output of pacman -Q python ?  If it reports something like python 3.10.4-1, then Python is already installed.  If not, then do a pacman -Syu python.

Not sure what is the relationship between mullvad and Libreoffice,but follow the link mpan provided for LibreOffice.

mullvad-vpn is available in the AUR.   To build the package, follow the instructions here: … g_packages

Work the problem following the references we have provided.  We will be happy to assist with specific questions when you hit a wall.

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Re: Installing Python/Libre Office

Thanking you all for your attention and tips here.  I'll check this out and see how I go.

Thanks a bunch.


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