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[Solved] HP Folio 9470m and UEFI

Hello everyone,

i am trying to install arch on my Folio 9470m. I am tryng to use Grub with UEFI.

I have have tried to follow the installation guide and i have read the GRUB guide

Here's what i did for the grub part:

  • created a partition to mount under /boot

  • i created the ESP partition and tagged as EFI in gdisk, and then i formatted it with a FAT32 fs as told in the guide then mounted it in the boot directory (/boot/efi)

  • i created the BIOS boot partition of 1M and left that untouched

  • i install the grub package with

    pacman -S grub efibootmgr
  • i install grub as suggested in the guide specifying the ESP mountpoint by doing this

    grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=esp_mount --bootloader-id=grub
  • After that i generate the configuration with

     grub-mkconfig -o boot/grub/grub.cfg

The genfstab command completes successfully and apparently all the partitions besides the BIOS boot one are displayed there correctly.
Apparently i have no errors but everytime i turn on the laptop i see the message "No bootable image found, the laptop will shutdown". Although if i choose to manually select the efi file to use for the boot it works.

My laptop has 2 hard drives, an SSD and an MSATA. I noticed that when i choose the EFI file manually the SSD is listed second.

i am at a loss as i have also tried the custom boot path which should be \EFI\grub\grubx64.efi but it appears that the laptop tried to boot from the MSATA drive first and apparently i have no ways to choose an hard drive priority on the laptop BIOS.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot

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#2 2018-02-10 16:14:32

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Re: [Solved] HP Folio 9470m and UEFI

Why do you have all of those different partitions?

The easiest method is to use the EFI partition as /boot, you also don't need a grub BIOS partition (that's only needed for BIOS/MBR setups).
Also in the grub-install command did you replace esp_mount with the actual mount point?

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Re: [Solved] HP Folio 9470m and UEFI

thank you for your prompt answer.

I have several because i usually separate the boot partition from the rest of the system, therefore i have:

  • swap

  • boot partition (768M)

  • ESP partition (512M as suggested)

  • the system partition (the rest of the disk...) for everything else

  • The BIOS partition because i was trying that as well to make it work

And yes, the grub installation command i use looks like:

grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=grub

sorry for my lack of precision.

Since i am rather new to this type of installations, do you mean with

use the EFI partition as /boot


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Re: [Solved] HP Folio 9470m and UEFI

Solved by updating the BIOS and setting up a custom boot path in the BIOS boot menu

the path i used was


I haven't found a way to make it work "out of the box". I have followed the guide to the best of my abilities... i honestly do not know what i am doing wrong but i have read several other people having issues with this laptop and its UEFI.

I would like to have other inputs so i won't mark this as solved yet.

If tomorrow i do not see any other answers i will make sure to mark this as solved

thank you


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Re: [Solved] HP Folio 9470m and UEFI

Where did you find the new BIOS ? I've been looking for an update.


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Re: [Solved] HP Folio 9470m and UEFI

Please don't necrobump 4 year old threads. Presumably on the vendors homepage.



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