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Games running through xwayland are capped at 60fps

UPDATE: It turns out, all games running through xwayland are capped at 60fps for some reason. So is minecraft and so are games running through wine. I use gnome. Someone please help me on why this is happening, and how I can fix it.

ORIGINAL TITLE: FPS cap in nvidia optimus configuration


I have a laptop with an nvidia MX250 GPU.

When I use a hybrid setup with prime-run. It apparently enables PRIME Sync by default.

Setting nvidia-drm.modeset to 0 does nothing and glxgears still says it is running at the refresh rate of my screen. (See edit2)

My fps is capped at 60fps. How can I disable this?

Edit_0: When I disable vsync in wine and dxvk games using a dxvk.conf file(dxgi.syncInterval = 0). It works in a 'nvidia xorg' setup and a 'hybrid xorg' setup, but not with hybrid wayland setup.

I am using the envycontrol script.

Also, I use GNOME with wayland.

Edit_1: So, I switched to xorg in the optimus based configuration. And my dxvk games do not cap at 60fps even with nvidia-drm.modeset set to 1.

They do cap at 60fps in wayland.

Using the environment variable __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=0 makes glxgears not cap at 60fps in BOTH Wayland and xorg.

I can't seem to figure why among us, launched using wine with dxvk installed (and that config file that disables vsync) in wayland, caps at 60fps. Which must mean all windows games run using wine are going to fps cap in wayland. (They don't cap in xorg)


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Re: Games running through xwayland are capped at 60fps

From what I know, xwayland itself is capped at the refresh rate of the wayland compositor. In your case, that would be 60fps, for someone with a 144hz display that would be 144fps. For the games that you run on wine you could try building the collabora's branch that is build with wayland in mind, but for the others running with xwayland there's no real fix. Not that I know of, at least. Sorry for not being of any help


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Re: Games running through xwayland are capped at 60fps

Try increasing the back buffers:

# dxvk.conf
dxgi.numBackBuffers = 3

Reference: … note_92131


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