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grub tries to read the kernel off encrypted root (not boot) partition


I am trying to set up encrypted arch with external boot partition on sd card because I want to be able to leave the boot partition at the house so I can leave things in the encrypted setup without worrying about for example losing my laptop at for example uni and having certain stuff available to just anyone with a bit of pen experience.

As of right now I have most of the install done. But when trying to boot, grub drops me into rescue shell and gives error:

attempt to read outside hd0. This means then it is seeing the sd card as hd0 and my actual harddrive as hd1.

I don't know how to make grub set roots properly. In /boot/grub/grub.cfg a lot of lines say: linux linux-zen root=UUID=ea17.. which is my /dev/mapper/cryptoroot uuid. They should say uuid=BBF1.. which is my fat32 /dev/mmcblk0p1 sd card unencrypted boot partition.

I was looking through grub.d/10_linux trying to find out how to make grub-mkconfig put in the correct uuid's. But i can't seem to understand the code well enough. In /etc/fstab are both the mount points for boot and root configured but it will put root uuid where boot uuids need to be anyway.

I was thinking maybe I could make my own version of update-grub that subsequently to grub-mkconfig also replaces the uuid's with the correct ones. If this would be the simplest solution, please let me know what i should use for scripting that.

Thanks for your time


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