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#1 2022-06-17 20:54:10

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is there a case fwupd-cli ?

We have the fwupd package which was a superb idea from the start.

Our package has dependencies like hicolor-icon-theme, shared-mime-info ... and even polkit.

The first two dependencies I listed suggest the ability to execute fwupd within the GUI.

The third one, polkit, If I get it right, is a security framework to allow elevated privilege execution, which I always see it installed alongside GUI environments but never saw it installed in headless servers like mine.

Why a headless server wanting to update its firmware needs to install things like these ?

Maybe there are lots of reasons I do not know of (most probably) but wanting to ask anyway.

Question/Inquiry is: do you think, like I do ... is there a case for fwupd-cli only ?


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