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#1 2022-06-20 06:23:58

From: Saarbrücken
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No notification window for calendar events anymore


yesterday, I made a big update of my system (was quite some time ago since the past complete update). I am using KDE with PIM set up (KOrganizer) for my address book and especially my calenders.

Since the update, I no longer get a notification window for events. I get the event notification on the right (lower) side ("System notification") that an event is due. I no longer get the popup window I am used to. The window has let me
- dismiss a single event
- dismiss all events
- snooze single events for a certain time
- read the event description.
Also, the window was persistent. So I could switch back and forth between the events if they overlapped (multiple birthdays for example) or if I was absent and did not dismiss some of them.

Unfortunately, I cannot show you a screenshot of the window, I can only redirect to where such a window is depicted.

Can you give me a hint why the window is no longer showing up?

Thank you very much!


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