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Radeon HD 6950 disables screen output and devices when playing games

So i had a open topic on Newbie Corner about this but,when i looked at the logs of xorg i probably found the cause.
For some reason when my gpu starts
(a to run games it disables the DisplayPort and set the physical screen size to 508 x 285,after that load the Xorg Xinput library.
And then start to tag all my devices as keyboards and remove them.However my pc was still on.
Heres the xorg log: … 7HNMxLpbFj
I have tried to reproduce the problem on games like Rocket League(via Heroic and Crossover,the issue happened on this game most)Minecraft Java(newest and the older versions,via PolyMC and modified clients) also it happened while i was watching an youtube video on Firefox aswell.
This happens frequently while i watch videos or play games on my computer.Thanks in advance smile
(also i am not a expert or knowledged user of linux,stuff here i wrote might just be wrong.Correct me if that happens yikes )


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