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ThinkPad T430s xfce color adjustment

Thinkpad T430s with "Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller". Thin installation up-to-date with XFCE (+lightdm). Unfortunately one of my notebooks has a bit too much "pinky" display. Yes, I know color calibration in xfce is not very simple. Yes, I know . Honestly I don't need calibration in the sense of figuring out what changes should be applied to correct my colors. I don't need a new color "profile". It is a dual boot with Windows7 machine and using Intel software for Windows I perfectly found what corrections to R brightness, R contrast and R gamma should be applied. The question is what is the simplest way to apply the same (I know exactly which ones) corrections in Arch. For gamma it'd be:
$ xrandr --output LVDS-1 --gamma 0.97:1.0:1.0
how about brightness and contrast? How should I modify my /etc/X11 ? Or isn't it so simple? and I need to create ICC profile etc?

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