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#1 2022-06-23 09:21:09

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Jumpy scrolling between chromium and VS Code

When I scroll in one direction in Chromium or Visual Studio Code, and then alt-tab to the other one and scroll, the page jumps up or down in the direction I scrolled in the first window by roughly the same amount and only then continues with the actual scrolling.

However, I found the following situations when this extremely annoying behaviour does not occur:

  • when another scroll is done between the two original scrolls, e.g. in a Telegram window

  • when Chromium and VS Code are both visible, e.g. on different monitors, or even one monitor, non-maximized, side by side - in this case it does not matter whether I actually alt-tab or just move the cursor into the scrollable area

I'm running Gnome Shell 42.2 on X.
My current VS Code version, installed via AUR package visual-studio-code-bin version 1.68.1-1:

Version: 1.68.1
Commit: 30d9c6cd9483b2cc586687151bcbcd635f373630
Date: 2022-06-15T02:58:26.441Z
Electron: 17.4.7
Chromium: 98.0.4758.141
Node.js: 16.13.0
OS: Linux x64 5.18.3-arch1-1

My current Chromium version:

Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit)

It is extremely annoying as I often switch between documentation and code. Does anybody have any clue what might be the issue and/or how to prevent it?


#2 2022-06-24 14:35:06

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Re: Jumpy scrolling between chromium and VS Code

It seems that the "middle" scroll, as described in the first bullet point, does not even have to be in any window - just scrolling the mousewheel when the cursor is over the gnome shell top bar works too.


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