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#1 2022-06-24 20:21:38

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Polybar on XFCE showing over fullscreen when window loses focus


I have a dual monitor setup, running Arch+XFCE, polybar is the only panel I am using.

The issue is that when I have a fullscreen application on one screen and that window loses focus, polybar is displayed over the fullscreen window.

In config.ini I have tried:
wm-restack = generic
override-redirect = true

which did not help and actually completely hides polybar.

I have also tried "xdo -N polybar lower", which didn't help either.

Lastly, I had the same issue with xfce4-panel and solved it with: wmctrl -r "xfce4-panel" -b add,below". I tried that with polybar, but I didn't work.

Any suggestions to keep polybar behind a fullscreen window, even when it loses focus?
Thank you in advance.


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