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YARsync: a file synchronization and backup tool

Hi Arch community,

I released a new tool for file synchronization. It is a Python wrapper around rsync. For good features, it is:

  • distributed.

  • efficient. The program runs only on user request. Already transferred files will never be transmitted again.

  • non-intrusive. yarsync does nothing to user data. If one decides to stop using it, they can simply remove the configuration directory at any time.

  • simple.

  • safe.

See its github page for more details.

I know that there are many programs for file synchronization. Unfortunately, I could not find one for my quite basic needs, and decided that I shall do it myself based on an established tool rsync (so that it follows UNIX philosophy about relying on other tools). If you have a question about its difference from other existing programs, I would be glad to answer that. I also made a list of alternative tools.


Install the yarsync package from AUR.
It will install an executable yarsync and its man page. Run

$ yarsync --help

to list available commands. Read the manual for a quick start.


yarsync interface is based on git.


As for the author, for me it is often a pleasure to work with this tool. The interface is very familiar, and data transfers are really efficient. Due to its simplicity, I can do any complicated things when I need (like splitting a repository). I hope it will be useful to other people, and if the community finds its design and features worthy, it will improve the tool even more.

This is my first release on AUR. I'd like to thank Jason Ryan, as well as Matthew T Hoare, for inspiring me to create a package for Arch Linux and Scimmia for a review of PKGBUILD. Please write if you could (or could not) install and run it on your system.


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