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How to contribute ?

Hi everyone,

I found a small bug in OpenSSH (breaking scp), [reported]( it a few weeks ago, but that's not the point of this post. I think it's easy to fix, so I went to the github to create a pull request.

Turns out the github is a read only svn to git mirror, so you can't contribute there. I can't find any information on how to contribute to the main svn repo.

Then only ressources I found were:
- The [Getting Involved]( … eport_bugs) wiki page which mentions "Fix and report bugs" but doesn't explain how to fix them, and links to the bug tracker and bug reporting guidelines, and both focus on reporting bugs, not fixing them.
- The [SVN]( page which gives the repo url and links to a wiki about updating local copies and building packages, but not how to contribute back.

I may have missed something of course, but I guess my question is two fold:
- Is there a guide on how to contribute to arch packages ?
- If this guide does not exist, or if it is hard to find, is this due to an oversight, lack of time/resources, etc., or does this reflect a policy of not accepting contribution from outside a circle of trusted contributors ? (and if so is this policy described somewhere ?)

I hope this doesn't read as judgmental, I did a few contributions on various software projects, but not yet on OS packages, so mainly I'm just trying to understand how that ecosystem works.


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Re: How to contribute ?

You can submit a patch on the bug tracker - that's the fastest way to get a bug fixed.

Note that it is called a bug tracker not a bug reporter - reporting the bug is just step one.

EDIT: it seems you commented on the required change there which is good.  But an actual patch would be slightly better.

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