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#1 2022-07-29 13:13:42

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Lag spikes every 10 seconds on every game

I am having a huge lag spike every 10 seconds on every game
The only thing I found that kinda solved this was using kernel 5.15 LTS, but it started happening there yesterday too then stopped after I broke and fixed my bootloader (don't know if it's related or not)
Mango hud frame time graph goes like this: _______|__
This happens across different distros and desktop environments, but since I'm using Arch I thought it wold be better to ask for help here.
Please let me know if I can share any helpful information!


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Re: Lag spikes every 10 seconds on every game

This can be normal if you are in the shader building phase and should relevantly fix itself as you continue playing (and will relevantly happen again on every mesa update)

That's the general theory you potentially have to deal with, for more specific help get more specific. Which game are you talking about, which graphics HW are you talking about and can you share logs from running a game?


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