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X server crash on my laptop

I have installed arch on my laptop  six months ago. About half a month ago my laptop sometimes crashing. The pointer is no responsing,  and I can't switch to another tty. This problem becoming more and more serious over time. Finally( about 5 days ago), the whole system is freezed at the moment the pointer appears. Sometimes SDDM can run correctly, but just lost response again when I try to input my password. I tried arch-chroot and check system log, just find nothing. The system looks like working smoothly, and suddenly be stuck.
  When the system be stuck, inputs from keyboard and touchpad have no response at all, while keyboard backlit and indicator light can operate normally.
  After that I tried other linux distributions like ubuntu and fedora, but none of them work properly. Most of them get stuck on the loading page. But windows can work on my laptop. now I have installed windows11 on my laptop, but this problem steel here when I gonna install any distribution. My laptop is acer swift 3 plus( SF316-51-51DT), which running intel 11 Gen with Xe graphics. What should I do?


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