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Environment variables: Replacing ~/.pam_environment

Hello all,

after reading about the intended deprecation of ~/.pam_environment, I am looking for an equally comfortable solution.

The intention is to have one central place to define user environment variables, which are exported regardless whether I log in through a TTY or graphical session manager. ~/.pam_environment covered that use case nicely, without having to rely on different script-like solutions such as ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile. To make matters more complicated, I use the fish shell which does not directly parse any profile files. (I am aware of the workaround by adding to ~/.config/fish/, but that seems like an ugly hack.)

The discussion concerning the pull request to abandon ~/.pam_environment mentions “systemd based user sessions”. I am hitting dead ends trawling the web for an explanation how that might solve my issue, actually also how that entire concept works. Perhaps my search terms are not suitable.

What I understand is that files in ~.config/environment.d/*.conf are pulled in for systemd user units to provide environment variables. They show up with systemctl --user show-environment, thus are processed. But they are neither available after logging in through a TTY nor graphical session manager.

Can someone point me in the right direction? How do I replace ~/.pam_environment with a central solution to provide environment variables?


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