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Which partition format and which network option for WIFI dongle?

Hello, i am new here. I used Manjaro in the past and now i want to install a vanilla Arch.
I don't know enought to do the Arch installation manually, so i wanna do it with archinstall.
Before i will do this i have some questions:
Should i use btfs, ext4, f2fs or xfs?
And another Question is, which Network Configuration should i choose? I'm using my PC with a WIFI dongle so which of the four possibilities should i choose?

Thanks in advance smile


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Re: Which partition format and which network option for WIFI dongle?


Welcome to the Arch world.

One of the nice things about arch is that you can choose a lot of these things based on your needs.
The filesystem and network configuration is entirely up to your preferences.
Do you prefer snapshots that you can roll back? Then maybe btrfs is your thing.
Do you use SSD or NVMe drives? Then maybe f2fs is your best bet for a longer flash storage lifetime.
If the ISO is working well for you, perhaps choose "Copy ISO configuration" which currently will use systemd-networkd with any wifi configuration you've made.
If you're used to a GUI-approach, then probably NetworkManager is your best bet combined with a desktop environment (which you also choose based on your preferences).

Bottom line is, arch is customizable, so be sure to read up on the options and try out what you think you'll like (perhaps in a VM first).
Be sure to read the notes and warnings but in the end there rarely are one right answer.

* F2FS
* Btrfs
* ext4
* f2fs
* xf2

Network managers:
* NetworkManager
* Systemd-networkd
* Manual or DHCP config

Best of luck.

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