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HP EliteBook 840 G3 WIFI enable/disable button light stays white

As described in the title, the LED of the WLAN button do not change their color from white to orange when pressed. Nevertheless, the wireless connections can be deactivated and also reactivated when pressed.
The mute button with LED right next to it works out of the box including color change.

Network chip: Intel Corporation Wireless 8260

Already tried:
- Bios/UEFI updated to the latest version.
- Solution described here for EliteBook G4 and Ubuntu: … ays-orange
(unfortunately did not work).

For Windows, the function also worked only after a driver installation from HP, which of course unfortunately does not exist for Linux.

Solution idea:
Since the function works it is only a matter of changing the color of the LED and mapping it to the keystroke. Unfortunately the LED is apparently not recognized, since it does not appear under /sys/class/leds/ and thus cannot be controlled by for example the program light (

I know that it is more of a cosmetic problem, nevertheless it must be possible to control this LED somehow because otherwise all functions, like dockingstation, etc. work perfectly.

I would be very grateful for any ideas and hints on how to solve this!


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