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ThinkPad X220 UltraBase - ext. monitor detected only on open lid-boot

Hello everyone.

I have an annoying problem with my personal setup. I use a ThinkPad X220 docked in a so called UltraBase. The base (dock) has a DP as well as a VGA port for hooking up external monitors. It also has a power-switch, so that you may turn on your system with the laptop docked with a closed lid. Booting like this is what I prefer, and it worked just like you'd expect when using the VGA output for my old monitor. However, I recently changed monitors to a model which uses DisplayPort (Dell E2216H). Now it works too. Kind of. But there is a problem - I have to boot the system with the laptop opened up, and both monitors (laptop & external) will display the same. Once Arch is finished loading, I may close the lid and use only the DP output, like I want to. If I boot like before, lid closed, it will output the ThinkPad logo and then the Grub menu, but as it gets to the standard white-on-black login screen on Arch (I guess when the OS is finished loading), the monitor goes black...

Anyone got any ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you,


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