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Trying to make ALSA + Pulseaudio + Jack work but

I just got a focusrite 2i2 for some recording. I did the proper settings for the hardware itself by using unfa's guide. I am however not using any DAW as of now. Just thinking of using Guitarix and use the speakers of my laptop, (not using the focusrite monitor for some other reason right now). I am able to get the input correctly and I can see the input being recognized and the sound being processed however I am not getting any sound out even when the proper playback device have been selected. I am sure its due to something wrt pulseaudio not playing nice with jack. I am not sure which logs would be useful here so please let me know what is required.

I tried using qjackctl, cadence, carla and guitarix itself. Even installed reaper to test it out, but no matter what I was not able to get the output through my laptop speakers as playback device.


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Re: Trying to make ALSA + Pulseaudio + Jack work but

I am unfamiliar with this specific configuration but in general:
I would start by looking at dmesg to see if some module is complaining about missing firmware.
Then you could try:
pulseaudio --kill
pulseaudio -v --log-level=error
and look for any significant error....

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